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Only uPVC windows brand tested for over 14000 hours of artificial weathering by International Labs. Our pan India presence ensures quick delivery time to the customers.

uPVC Windows Features

uPVC(Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is a chemically resistant form of PVC used for manufacturing pipes. uPVC windows have several advantages over the Aluminium and Wooden counterparts.

uPVC Windows for Soundproof Homes

Sound Proof Homes

uPVC WIndows Eco Friendly & Free from Termite & Corrossion problems

Termite & Corrosion Proof

uPVC Withstands Very high heat and is not prone to Fire

Fire Resistant

uPVC Windows Superior Air Quality as there are no air gaps when sealed properly

Improved Air Quality

100% Recyclable & Completely lead Free Windows

100% Lead Free

Double Glazing uPVC Windows have very high impact strength and difficult to break in

Impact Resistance & Burglar Proof

Very high UV Resistance uPVC Windows do not turn Yellow with time

High UV Resistance

Waterproof & Weather Resistant uPVC Windows

Waterproof & Weather Resistant

uPVC Windows & Doors

We offer a wide array of options for different styles of uPVC Windows & Doors. For the complete details you can download our brochure.

casement upvc windows & doors

Casement uPVC Windows & Doors

This system is designed for more strength and better performance with twin gasket sealing. The gasket sealing coupled with multi point lock ensures tight closure with no gaps for proper sealing, thermal and acoustic performance. Thicker Mullion profiles with reinforcements ensures sturdiness against heavy wind load. 

Sliding uPVC Windows & Doors

Sliding Windows work with the 'ride over' mechanism. Made up of two (or more) shutters that slide to the left and right horizontally on tracks, the windows can be made wider and taller with the addition of shutters. Sliding windows come with an option of bug screen in a separate track.

Sliding uPVC Windows & Doors with several options
Prominance Tilt & Turn uPVC Windows

Prominance Tilt & Turn uPVC Windows

Inventa series can also be used to design tilt and turn windows using Z sash. Several combinations are possible with tilt & turn. Our designing is such that it accommodates any major hardware tilt and turn solutions such as this from Roto, GU, etc., ensuring there is no compromise on the performance.

Prominance Slide & Fold uPVC Doors

Another exclusive design from Prominance's kitty is the bi-fold solution. Bi-Folds are increasingly getting into demand due to ability to open 100% and cover wide openings. Besides, the weather tightness performance is comparable to any good casement systems thus avoiding the downside of conventional sliding doors.

Slide & Fold uPVC Windows & Doors for large upvc windows
Coloured uPVC Windows in Wooden textures

Wide Range of Laminate Options

Prominance offers a wide range of laminate options ranging

from contemporary colours to wooden textures. We provide colours that are best suited for your homes. Our laminates are imported  from Europe and are equipped to deal with tropical weather and  come with a 20 year warranty. 

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SF.No. 207/1 B & 1 C,
Selakaraichal Road Appanaickenpatti,
Sulur, Coimbatore – 641 402.
Tamilnadu, India.

Toll-Free: 1800 833 4500
Phone : +91 9500895005
Fax : +91 4255-265507